EU News: Protesters unveil embarrassing banner at Brussels Parliament building | World | News

EU News: Protesters unveil embarrassing banner at Brussels Parliament building | World | News

Brussels has raised security questions after five Greenpeace workers were able to hang a 30-meter banner facing the 14-storey building of the Berlemont building in the Belgian city. The banner, which reads “Amazon fire – blames Europe”, depicts a burning hole inside the building, exposing Amazon to the fire.

The EU has replaced the current banner to promote the union’s next-generation recovery plan in the bloc’s economy, crippled by the coronavirus crisis.

Workers currently use smoke machines and fake ashes to pinpoint the blazing fires in the Amazon Rain Forest.

The protest was in response to the European Commission’s decision to consider new legislation to reduce Europe’s contribution to forestry.

Twitter users went on social media to welcome the protest, saying Brussels security had “thrown the ball”.

Someone said: “Someone threw the ball in the #security of #Greenpeace #Berlemont @EU_Commission”

Another said: “Yesterday the EU Commission Building in Barlemont pledged #NextGenerationWe

“Today it blames Europe for the Amazon fire.

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“Europe is involved in the destruction of the Amazon and other ecosystems by buying meat and soy for animal feed and other products from forested areas, leading to climate disasters and exposure to dangerous diseases such as Kovid-19.

“Europeans will be able to do their shopping safely that we need a strong EU law to ensure that nothing on the supermarket shelves in this area is related to deforestation or human rights violations.”

The fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest worsened in the first week of September.

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In the first seven days of September, 8,373 fires were reported in parts of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, more than doubling the number of fires in the same period a year ago, according to the Brazilian National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

One worrying concern is that 2 percent of the major fires so far in September have occurred in the Virgin Forest, but more recently in forested areas or farmland where the blaze is high.

Brussels has long been on fire for promising another free-trade agreement involving Brazil.

An EU agreement with Marcosur – the South American trade bloc consisting of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – is awaiting ratification.

But there are fears that it could further damage the Amazon rainforest.

The current banner in Berlemont promises “blockchain initiatives to repair the economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic, start European recovery, and help create job security and employment, the European Commission proposing a major recovery plan for Europe based on full EU budget. Possibility. “

Statistics show that the cost of manufacturing, installing and removing the banner in 2015 was 11,000 (9,000).

This is an average expenditure of 000 14,000 (12 12,000) 20 percent less than in previous years.

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