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Like Great Britain, according to Marco Longhi, other countries will soon be thinking about their future as part of the failed EU project. The MP said that member countries not only live in fear of the organization, but are also afraid of leaving the group because Brussels will be punished for this. Longhi commenting on the current situation said “I think people live in fear.

“On the European continent they live in fear of change, in fear of being separated from something much bigger.

“They are afraid, if you will, of going into the unknown and punishing them.

“I have no doubt about it.”

Ever since the United Kingdom left the European Union, there has been a growing distrust of Europe in some member states.

Indeed, activists have criticized the Covid Recovery Fund, Britain’s handling of the aftermath of Brexit and the failure to withdraw charges against China about ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Even a prominent MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, criticized the EU’s behavior towards China.

As the Swedish member of the European Parliament Charlie Wimmers said: express.d Anti-EU sentiment increased in the country at the beginning of the year.

In fact, he cited conflict with the United Kingdom and the growing power of France and Germany as reasons for the growing Swaxit movement.

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“Whether they are really brave enough to give their news or not is a different matter.

“I cannot imagine that in 10 years we will see the structure of the EU project and it will be exactly the same in 10 years.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if it completely failed or turned into a very small country organization.”

The MP also warned of plans to create a strong nation-state in the European Union, under which sovereignty of individual states would be withdrawn.

He concluded: “I think it is widely known that this is the plan of the EU members, particularly some EU members and the Commission.

“I mean, Guy Verhofstadt has been pretty outspoken in some of his speeches.

“Ultimately, you want to remove the sovereign powers that each member state is entitled to.

“Each state can be named, if you wish, but it becomes a vassal state of this great power with all its powers, which are stationed in Brussels and Strasbourg.”

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