EU forced to make it easier for Amazon to end Prime subscriptions

Following complaints from the European Commission, Amazon has been forced to change the termination process for Prime members in all of its EU and EEA locations on desktop, mobile and tablet.

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Amazon users in Europe will soon be able to leave the Prime subscription service with just two clicks, following pressure from consumer groups. According to the European Commission, consumers can now cancel their Prime account Instead of going through confusing interfaces “in just two clicks”What is called a “dark pattern”, along with “confused choices” and “incentives to stay”.

Currently, when choosing to cancel their subscription, subscribers must follow A long three-step process of scrolling through and finding multiple undo buttons before falling on a button” finish now ,

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Amazon is easing its termination process

Thanks to these changes, if you want to get rid of the $5.99 per month subscription and the free next-day delivery that comes with it, you can now do so without going through all the pressure. All EU Amazon sites are accessed via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Amazon Prime’s new termination process appears to be very simple, with very little information required. now there is Little effort to entice customers to stay, On any version of Amazon, go to the “Your Amazon Prime Account” menu, then click “Manage Your Subscription.” You will see a “Cancel” option, which will take you to the “Cancel” page. Unsubscribe and Benefits ,

This new policy, which just went into effect in the European Union, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden, will be repeated in the United Kingdom by the end of August, Amazon says. unfortunately, These changes are not happening in other areas Like the United States of America at the moment. You may have to wait a few days before canceling your subscription, as the brand will be launching its Amazon Prime Day on July 12 and 13. As always, this will be an opportunity for Amazon Prime customers to take advantage of several special promotions on over two million products.

Source: European Commission

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