EU countries may receive covid vaccine by April as second wave destroys Europe

“A large supply is expected to begin in April,” said Ms Von der Lane, adding that the best-performing companies could provide five million vaccines a month in the EU.

The new stimulus to the epidemic is “worrying”, and the commission is proposing multiple new measures to tackle the epidemic.

Europe again seems to be the epicenter of a global epidemic. Belgium is a hot spot and many countries are suffering from record infections every day.

According to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Belgium has a maximum number of Covid-19s per 100,000 citizens for a maximum of 14 days, surpassing only the Czech Republic, according to the European Center for Disease Control and Control.

At 1,390.9 per 100,000 people, it even surpasses France and Spain. In all, 11,036 people have died so far in the epidemic in Belgium.

On Tuesday, 6,869 people were taken to hospital with the Covid-19, which is 600 more than the record high in March.

The European Commission has called on the EU government to tackle the virus in a more and more integrated fashion.

Brussels said EU governments should coordinate their testing strategies and make more use of rapid antigen tests, although global supply for these kits is now being tightened.

“The situation is very serious, but if everyone takes responsibility, we can reduce the spread of the virus,” said Miss von der Lane.

There have been a total of 264,033 cases in the country, of which more than half have been registered in the last two weeks. A total of 2,275 people have died so far, with a record 139 articles on Monday. The Czech government has tightened rules by imposing a nationwide curfew between 8pm and further in the morning.

In Germany, the number of newly recorded infections in a single day has reached another record. The Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, said 14,964 new cases had been recorded in recent days, bringing the total to 449,2755 since the outbreak began.

Germany also experienced another 272 covid-related deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 10,098.

Poland also set a new record for daily infections, with at least 18,800 cases and 236 new covid-related deaths recorded.

On Tuesday, Italy registered the highest one-day total of epidemics – about 22,000 new cases – and 221 more died.

Demonstrations have begun in several Italian cities against the overnight curfew in some areas. Nationwide bans began this week with the closure of gyms, pools, cinemas and theaters. Restaurants need to close before dinner.

The total number of confirmed cases in Italy increased by 5,564,778. And the death toll has risen to 3oll, 700. The North Lombardy and South Campania regions have experienced the most daily cascades in recent days.

Last week, the commission said it would buy up to 22 million antigen tests to meet the “immediate needs” of EU countries. Now it is asking the state to buy more through the joint purchase scheme.

It further said that if there is no examination system in the countries of arrival of the states, there should be a general examination requirement for the arriving travelers including the examination on arrival. It called for integrated rules regarding segregation.

Brussels also called on the government to share more information about the outbreak in their countries and the state of their healthcare situation.

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