EU clashes over Kovid, UK flies / + 630% reservation for summer: London, life resumes

The day after tomorrow Brexi Unanimous remarks at the European level – between the media, politicians and governments – were “It will be a catastropheHere, we mean a nefarious future for the future The ukBut at the moment it is Europe To present the worst bill. Extreme Delay Vaccines, At the peak of the economy (and the worst in Italy), talks with Big Pharma who are struggling and have a thrilling future in summer tourism: On the other hand, a return to a normal pseudo-life in London is expected.

The latest data coming from airlines are clearly driven differently in the coming months between the United Kingdom and other EU countries: Easyjet They reported that flight bookings with peaks have increased by 337% in a few days. 630% for summer vacation period. It is sold unlike Spain, Italy and Greece who still do not know how and if some are planning a vaccination campaign and there is anything obvious in its run out.

United Kingdom after hunting for flies

Boris Johnson recently presented the plan “in 4 steps”For the immediate return to freedom, with unavoidable benefits for the tourism sector and business and catering activities: the English “plan” is scheduled for its conclusion on 21 June, but only before the schools reopen (as of 8 March Set for) next) The economy is showing signs of excellent recovery. According to financial advisory firm Bowel, Quoted today by the attention of “Libero Cotidiano”Thousands of European Union financial companies are considering opening an office in the UK for the first time. These include 100 banks and over 400 insurance companies.»

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As you mentioned earlier EU Council Head Mario Draghi “In front of the report on the vaccination campaign by President von der Leyen – this is not the time to present the European model as a conqueror,”We need to do more and accelerate»Probably modified so many months ago, looking at the British model, but now” carefully “to try to imitate it carefully.

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