EU and Great Britain debate ambassadors

YesHis Majesty’s government has only exempted the people of the European Union from freedom of national sovereignty, when it is already opposing the next villain from Brussels. According to London’s interpretation, an ambassador of the European Union is not an ambassador at all, or at least of only one rank. Because the European Union is not a state, just an international organization, proud state leaders in the British Foreign Office say.

The fact that until recently they were happy to send their own diplomats as ambassadors to the European Union would be held against them only by continental hackers who have not yet understood that the EU future I would be lucky to live in the backyard of a global power.

It would be interesting to see how much the class-conscious London government could save for its citizens if, we would say: diplomatic migrants with an EU background are to be invited for fewer receptions than actual ambassadors. Will it come close to the amounts with which the NHS thanks to its exit from the European Union? Perhaps one could also set up a “slow lane” in the buffet for a flock of Brussels bureaucrats, which would only be appropriate, as the British have to queue at the borders of Europe.

However, it would make them think that Trump was also somewhat stupid with this brilliant protocol question. But he did not lose an empire, just a choice.

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