Ethiopia: 80% of the Tigray region is “inaccessible” for humanitarian aid.

# Other countries The director of the Ethiopia Red Cross said on Wednesday that 80% of the Tigray region, the scene after the November 4 military operation by the federal government, was not accessible to humanitarian aid, during an online press release from Addis Ababa.

“80% of Tigre is inaccessible at this precise moment,” said Ebra Tola, adding that if access to humanitarian aid in the region does not improve, then the number of hungry people can be counted. Within two months “tens of thousands.”

Famine cases have already come to light, he said, and the number of hungry people may increase very quickly.

“The current number may be one, two or three, but after one month, it means thousands. After two months, it will be in the thousands” the victims warned.

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The Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Nobel Peace Prize winner Abi Ahmad announced the official end of a military campaign launched to remove disgruntled officers from Tigray in late November, when the Confederate army took control of the regional capital Mekele.

But humanitarian organizations and diplomats say that insecurity in the region still hinders human response.

Mr Abra made it clear that access to humanitarian aid was still largely confined to the main roads north and south of Meckley and most rural areas were deprived of them.

He said that those who had fled their homes and who managed to reach the camps in the towns of Tigre have been “decimated”.

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“You see that their skin is actually on the bones. You don’t see any food in their body,” he reported. “Sometimes it is very difficult to help them without foods with high nutritional value.”

The Ethiopian Red Cross now estimates that about 6 million of the Tigre’s approximately 3.8 million people require humanitarian aid, higher than the previous estimate of 2.4 million.

The Addis Ababa government has assured us that it is working with the United Nations and international NGOs to increase aid in this area based on the security situation.

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