Establishment of multinational Amazon in South Africa is controversial – Agence Afrik

American e-commerce giant, Amazon, which announced its upcoming establishment in South Africa in April, is facing opposition from some residents in the South African city of Cape Town related to the project.

The site chosen to host the African headquarters of the American group is of spiritual, cultural and environmental importance in the eyes of some descendants of the Kho and San people, the region’s first residents, who fear that their ancestral lands will be desecrated.

“Our heritage will be completely destroyed (…) This place has great spiritual significance for us,” traditional head Aran Goringacona, head of a group opposing the Amazon project, told AFP.

According to Cape Town officials, the site was protected by a temporary two-year heritage designation, which expired in April 2020.

The green lights offered by the city for the construction of the Amazon complex, the announcement of more than $ 281 million in real estate investment and the creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs are probably not enough to convince those who oppose the project. Those who have promised to go to court.

Taurik Jenkins of Goringhikona Council said, “Going to someone’s sacred land and building on it on the pretext of creating work is a bit twisted.” To dig the tomb of your ancestors? “.

In 2019, Amazon had to establish its second US headquarters in New York, facing opposition from many local elected officials, as well as many angry residents.

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