Espionage: New case tainted Berlin-Moscow relations

A new case of espionage from Russia has surfaced in a context marked by tensions in Germany. A man of German nationality was accused of sending data to Russia on the Chamber of Deputies.

The suspect, named Jens F, suspected of providing information to Russia, worked for a company taking checks on laptops belonging to members of the German Chamber of Deputies. According to the allegations, he sent PDF documents to an employee of the Russian Embassy in Berlin. This employee of the Russian Embassy is suspected to be related to Russian military intelligence, GRU.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office indicated that this person had access to PDF files, with plans for the assets of the lower house of the German Parliament in Karlsruhe, stating that they decided their initiative to disseminate information from the properties. German Bundestag for Russian Intelligence Services ”.

According to allegations by the Intelligence Department of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the man dispatched documents between late July and early September 2017. This is not an isolated case, it comes after a case of hacking that targeted the Bundestag in 2015 shook trust between the German parliament, and Berlin and Moscow.

At the time, Russian hackers must have entered the computers of the parliament and between 2012 and 2015 infiltrated the services of German Chancellor, their personal conversations, NATO and television channel TV5 Monde.

While Russia has denied all accusations of espionage for its purpose, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her part, claimed to be evidence of Moscow’s involvement.

Despite the strained relations between Russia and Germany, the German Chancellor is not making efforts to escalate the situation because the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project which is to connect the two countries is very important for Berlin which has real energy dependence.

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Another 2019 detective case resumed by Russia this week, but this time it was Sweden that was targeted. The detective in question is a man of Swedish nationality, and is accused of selling information about carmaker Volvo and heavy truck manufacturer Scania to Russia.

A technology consultant, the man was humiliated and sent to court. He is accused of passing on this information to a Russian diplomat who has been working on the subject for many years.

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