ESIROI Introduces Engineering Science to Elementary and Secondary School Classrooms

Throughout the month of June, classes in CM1/CM2, but also fourth and third, had the opportunity to discover engineering professions within ESIROI’s new bio-climatic building on the University Campus of the Holy Land. Students experimented with a range of activities around the school’s specialties: agri-food, building and energy as well as IT and telecommunications.

For half a day, they were able to put themselves in the shoes of an engineer. After equipping themselves with white aprons for an experiment on non-Newtonian fluids, the CM1 and CM2 classes were able to build their own windmills (wind turbines).

an apprenticeship for the youngest

Fourth and third students tested models of buildings to visualize natural ventilation as well as infrared cameras to better understand heat dissipation. Activities ending around robot manipulation to introduce students to programming in a fun way. These discoveries were an opportunity for the youngest to create new businesses and for the older ones to have a better understanding of engineering science.

This collaboration between ESIROI and the surrounding establishments (Albert Camus School, Jean Albany School, Terre-Saint College) takes place within the framework of Ing√©nieuses’21. It is a national competition run by CDEFI (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools) aimed at promoting engineering science among the youngest and facilitating girls access to engineering studies. This year ESIROI was the winner of the competition in the “Commitment” category.

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