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Denmark In the name of the European dream continues Ericsson. He took Wales clearly 4-0 . does so by defeating thanks for one Dolberg’s brace and Mahle’s goals and Braithwaite. for quarters will face Winner between Netherlands and Czech Republic. team of the knot I Ramsey comes out badly euro 2020, With a Fool in Amsterdam. Pre-match for thrill Johan Cruyff Arena. There is one in the center of the first field denmark giant jersey with number 10 and writing ericsson. It was in this stadium that the Inter midfielder exploded‘ajax’. Then in the greeting between the two captains in midfield, Bell presents Cajor a personalized Wales jersey with inscription Christian And the inevitable number 10. There is also an inscription: “get well soon”, which in Welsh means get well soon. And Denmark brought Ericsson a priceless victory.

Dangerous Bale and Ramsey

Wells has a better start and gets dangerous in the first few minutes the knot. outer part of real Madrid At 10 ‘he touches the target with a diagonal from the edge, and then gets another chance at 12’. it’s two minutes later Ramsey To try from the edge. there Denmark Defends himself and struggles to break through the Welsh Wall, but gradually takes up more and more territory.

Dolberg Double, Denmark Pass

‘Managing the Danes’ at 27 break the deadlock with dolberg, The author of a beautiful and impenetrable right turn that slips into the corner. Five minutes later, Dolberg still has a big chance to double. at the start of shooting Denmark immediately detects the doubling, in which Dolberg immediately takes advantage of an error to postpone Williams and beats upbringing from close range. at 76′ kjero He has to leave the field with a muscle injury, and walks to the bench, nodding. After losing to Eriksson and Poulsen, Denmark now runs the risk of facing the quarter-finals even without Kajar. Despite the difficulties, the Dane closed in a crescent. After hitting a brilliant post with Braithwaite, the team of wheelman The match ended with a brilliant goal from Mahle. at 94′ braithwaite Also finds poker targets, which are verified after Var checking Denmark flies for quarters, Wales of Ramsey I the knot goes home.

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