Eric Dyer: Clean Sheet’s Tottenham defender, Jose Mourinho and his own app

Tottenham’s nine-game unbeaten run is the current longest in the Premier League this season

After graduating to donate goalkeeping gloves to Tottenham’s training ground cricket matches, “I’m a resident wicketkeeper,” he laughed.

Clips of these Hotspur Way knockouts reflect the general feeling-good atmosphere of a club that sits at the top of the Premier League table in Sunday’s North London derby against Arsenal.

Not that Dyer is going away.

“It’s always great to be the first, but obviously it doesn’t make sense right now – which is important in May,” he told BBC Sport.

Jose Mourinho’s side took four clean sheets in their five league games after scoring three goals in the final eight to draw with West Ham in October, an integral part of the England International’s most successful defense in the division.

“We were disappointed with how the incident happened and since then we’ve talked about it as a team,” Dyer said. “We knew we needed to do better.

“Being able to defend well is really a team thing. It’s going to be for 11 players the way they need to be.

“There’s been a great feeling in this sense, where everyone is willing to go the extra mile for each other and that’s really important.”

Sports have conceded nine goals in 10 league games this season, including three penalties, despite having very little time to work together on the training ground.

“Because of the schedule, we’ve barely been able to train – lots of meetings,” Dyer added. “I think we’re defending very well all season.

“Southampton and Brighton were the only goals we conceded from the opening game, all the rest were in the second round after set-pieces or one set-piece.

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“It’s really frustrating. That’s what we needed to address and we did.”

Spurs are currently sitting on goal difference over Liverpool, although both Chelsea and Leicester City could play early in the weekend and move ahead of them.

‘Mourinho is very authentic, he never changes’

Eric Dyer and Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho took charge of Tottenham in November last year

Dior, who has spent one of the biggest spells of the Mauricio Pochettino era in the role of midfielder, said he now feels the center-back’s “most comfortable and most confident”, working hard to regain full fitness after appendix surgery in December 2018.

Pochettino’s departure in March and a three-month suspension of football mean one last turbulent season.

With the addition of new signatures and “plenty of fresh energy”, Dyer sees the current campaign as “starting from scratch” under Mourinho.

“He had his‘ influence, ’” Dyer, speaking before appearing at the Web Summit, was in charge of the Portuguese’s first year.

“It simply came to our notice then that he was bringing us in – the way he wanted to be our team and away from the pitch, the way he wanted to be the training ground, the training sessions.

“He has come up with his own style in a variety of ways and everyone is enjoying working with him. Very early on, he explained what he expected from us and it was always very clear.

“Obviously, when you spend more time together with the group and the manager and his coaching staff, you start to build stronger relationships and understand each other better.

“He’s very authentic, very real and never changes. It’s very enjoyable to work with it – very honest, very straightforward. He was the first person when the time was right and he was the first to have fun.”

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Even Mourinho has taken it Sharing posts on social media after games Fans to decide.

“He’s making fun of it, which is the most important thing and everyone is enjoying it,” Dyer said. “He gave us a few tips here and what he thinks is a good Instagram!”

Not that Dyer needs any social media advice.

The 2-year-old’s expensive lockdown touches the established end with his social networking app with his Patrick and friend Joe Kanick, which encourages users to share their favorite spots such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.

“We think everyone can relate to it,” Dyer said, adding that he has most of his touch teammates using sports.

“We have a face-to-face experience where you can ask friends or family for places or make it easier for people on a platform to find the best places to go in any city or country you are traveling to. Be.

Working in start-ups has presented difficulties, especially during global epidemics, but Dyer is delighted with a project to overcome and concentrate on all these challenges.

He added, “Patrick and Joe have worked day and night every day for the past two years and have done so much,” obviously football is a lot of my time, but we meet every week and discuss new ideas and everything around the app.

“To see the final product, put it on your phone and the experience of using it has been incredible.”

This gave the former Sporting Lisbon player, who earned a degree in social sciences through the Open University, a taste of future improvement.

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“I finished my first year and then Spotless came and appeared,” explains Dyer, who is already considering another application. “For me, it’s really important to have different things to focus on outside of football.

“It’s great to have this confusion and to work and learn with different skills. The app has definitely given me that. I’ve learned a lot from it – how to handle different situations, how to work with a start-up and work with whatever comes up.” “I enjoyed the whole process.”

But come on Sunday, his focus will be on maintaining the Spurs spot at the top of the league and welcoming 2,000 fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the first time since March.

“We’re really excited for him,” Dyer says. “It will be a great change for those who can handle the incoming, and hopefully it will be the beginning of some normalcy.”

“We are very lucky in the sense that we have been able to continue the way we love. I have tried to remember as much as possible.

“Being incredible in training every day and still being able to play matches is incredible.”

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