Erasmus: In the United Kingdom, post-Brexit program begins

After the closure of Erasmus across the channel, the implementation of the Turing program is becoming clearer and may leave young Europeans behind.

The British government on Friday launched the first phase of the Turing Exchange Program, which is believed to replace the Erasmus system after Brexit, allowing British students to go abroad.

The new Alan Turing program, named after this famous British mathematician “Intended to help” 35,000 British students “All income and from across the country to take advantage of the fantastic educational opportunities in the country of your choice”Congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a statement.

With a budget of 110 million pounds (128 million euros), it “World Program” According to Mr. Johnson, one “Leveling” Compared to the Erasmus program in which the United Kingdom had participated since 1987, but which decided to leave it at the end of December, there was an agreement with the European Union after Brexit.

According to Education Minister Gavin Williamson, “Turing’s emphasis on social mobility and value for money” program Really open “More opportunities for education and international travel” To students “From a deprived background” What “Last European Program”.

A more complex and expensive process for European students

Eligible schools and universities can apply for funds from Friday, which will cover their management costs and allow their underprivileged students or students representing them in education from abroad to receive scholarships – a maximum of £ 490 per month (572 Euros) – to cover their travel and living expenses.

But for some, the new program falls far short of keeping its promises and on par with the previous one. this new “The plan does not provide any help with tuition fees” which can be “Astronomical”, Scottish Independence Party (SNP) MP Carol Monaghan, said in a statement that she “Will the situation only worsen for Scottish students”.

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Furthermore, the Turing program does not provide for reciprocity: for European students in the UK, who currently number around 150,000, admission to a UK university is now much more expensive and more complex.

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