Epidemic update

New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest development of the Kovid-19 epidemic worldwide.

– United States: Virus will cause “more than 600,000 deaths” –

US President Joe Biden estimated on Friday that deaths from the Kovid-19 epidemic in the United States “could reach more than 600,000”.

Joe Biden will also deal with one of the most visible effects of the economic crisis caused by the epidemic by promising immediate help to millions of hungry unemployed Americans.

– British version: high mortality rate –

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that the more contagious British version of the novel Coronavirus is associated with higher mortality.

For men in their 60s, the risk of death in 1,000 with the virus is 10, a figure that rises from 13 to 14 in 1,000 with the new version, said Patrick Valence, the government’s scientific adviser.

– WHO: Too early to tell the origin of the virus, effective tissue mask –

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday said it was too early to draw any conclusions about Kovid-19 originating in China.

Furthermore, according to the organization, clothing masks are still as effective in front of new variants of coronovirus, as the transmission method is the same.

Germany and Austria have just employed medical masks (surgical or FFP2) in shops and transportation, and the French government is asking not to use some cloth masks.

– Vaccines for disadvantaged countries –

The World Health Organization and Pfizer-BioNtech have announced an agreement that should provide 40 million doses of the medicinal giant anti-Kovid-19 vaccine to the Kovics system, aimed at disadvantaged countries.

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– Belgium: Ban on foreign travel –

Belgium has decided to ban its population from non-essential travel outside the borders from Wednesday to 1 March. Marginal workers are not affected.

– First imprisonment in Hong Kong –

Thousands of residents of one of Hong Kong’s poorest and densest areas were ordered to stay home from Friday to Saturday as part of the first lockdown ordered by authorities since the epidemic began.

– New restrictions in Madrid –

The region of Madrid, the most affected in Spain, has announced new restrictions and decided to bring forward the timing of curfew and the closing of bars and restaurants.

– 50,000 died in Germany –

According to the Robert Koch Health Monitoring Institute, the number of deaths from coronovirus in Germany crossed the 50,000 limit on Friday.

– Japan: Tightening sanctions –

The Government of Japan has approved two bills to make the sanctions more effective, including prison terms of up to one year for people who test positive but refuse hospitalization.

– Hungary will buy Russian vaccine –

The Hungarian government has announced that it has reached an agreement to purchase two million doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, although it has not yet been authorized by European health authorities.

– More than two million dead –

According to a report established by AFP on Friday from official sources, the epidemic has killed more than 2.09 million people worldwide and more than 97.4 million cases have been diagnosed.

The United States is the country with the most deaths (413,818), followed by Brazil (215,243), India (153,032), Mexico (146,174) and the United Kingdom (95,829).

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– More than 56 million vaccinations –

According to an AFP count from official sources at 11:00 GMT on Friday, at least 56.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in at least 63 countries or regions. More than 90% of injectable doses are concentrated in twelve countries.

– Zidan is positive –

The club tests positive for Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidan Kovid-19, the club said.

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