Epidemic – According to Geneva study, COVID can suppress pain

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A phenomenon considered “surprising” was observed in HUG patients.

According to a study, coronavirus can affect the perception of pain Geneva University Hospital (HUG),


among the side effects ofwe Doctors at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) witnessed an incident they allege ,shocking,, ,a significant decrease, or disappearance, in the perception of pain,,

This observation is taken from a case study and published in the scientific journal ,Pain,, These are three men from 67 to 84 years later ,Refractory to opioid therapy due to severe oncological pain;,, point to HUG in a press release this Monday. Now these three people have cancer ,Noticed reduction or disappearance of their pain soon after infection, One phenomenon that is only temporary: The pain slowly returned as they recovered from Covid.

This observation is surprising because ,It was accepted by now that several factors related to COvid-19 bad chronic pain,, is it indicated.

two hypotheses

this lack or even delete The pain felt is due to the dysfunction of the nervous system. Researchers in Geneva put forward two hypotheses. First, dysfunction of the insular cortex, which plays an important role in the “awareness” of internal perceptions. ,Dysfunction of this region due to direct effect of S virusars-CoV-2, or the result of the inflammatory storm that causes C. can causeOvid-19, may actually be responsible for a modified or absent perception of pain,, explains the press release.

Second hypothesis: ,NSars-CoV-2 can cause more peripheral dysfunction, That is, at the level of the spine. Virus may interfere with transmission of nerve messages that cause pain,

The authors specify that more studies are needed to confirm their Observation. but that And their discovery was confirmed ,could open new avenues of research and medicine,,

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