Epic Games Store – Games of the Month of July take the lead

while the playersepic games store One can enjoy their new games offered for just one day, a new announcement has already announced that it will be the next offering from the American gaming platform. Can already avail free Spectrum Retreat As of July 8, it is Two additional games that will replace Dan Smith Games games on the same day on the Epic Games Store. And so as not to give you much relief during the summer, the month of July will be placed under the sign of reflection.

The first game proposed from July 8 will undermine creative talent and it is neither more nor less. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. very funny spin-off bridge constructor, the game always offers us to build various bridges to get from point A to B, but with one big subtlety: the presence of zombies. The gang will come to attack several characters from the license The Walking Dead (Daryl, Michonne, Eugene) who will have it only to hope that your improvised bridges will survive.

In relation to the second game offered on‘Epic Games Store’, this is’iron cast, a puzzle-game with steampunk atmosphere. On two-legged machines, the game will ask you to overcome your opponents through fairly classic puzzles, which, combined with the steampunk England of the 1880s, gives the game a certain charm. Sounds simple but it is not. The game is going to require a fair amount of thought, using the right skills at the right time and choosing your vehicle’s structure carefully.

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As a reminder, these two games will be available throughout week 8 to 15 july, after which they will come back after paying. Don’t miss this opportunity to fill up your game library!

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