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Italy is seeing a significant increase in Kovid cases, driven by the English type of virus: about 54% of new positives have been infected by the first recorded mutation in the United Kingdom. Here’s what we can expect, and a possible solution to this third wave: a mixture of rapid vaccination and lockdown that is taking London out of a nightmare. One of the themes, Vaccines, that we addressed with Alice Martinelli on Le Inne

On June 21, the ban Will be terminated in an “irreversible” manner. For many, this seems almost a dream, but this is the timeline to leave the UK coronovirus behind. A trip in stages is scheduled for the first time with students returning to school on 8 March. However, with the onset of summer, London aims to return to a normal life.

News of hope for italy, Which in recent times has been registering an explosion of cases handled by the English version which has brought the United Kingdom to its knees in recent months. Figures published by ISS show how in mid-February 56% of new cases registered in Italy are due to the English version. Giovanni Sebastiani of CNR spoke of “unfortunately a worrisome situation”: “The state of contagion is rapidly increasing in various regions and provinces”.

in conclusion The dreaded third wave will come: What can we expect, and how to get out of it? To understand that we can see the United Kingdom, let’s first hit the English version hard. On December 10, the country began to be overwhelmed by persecution, with around 20,000 new cases reported. On January 4, not even a month later, Daily positives were more than 58 thousand. In the case of large scale and hospitals with seriously ill patients, the UK was forced into a new lockdown that continues to this day.

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At the same time, in addition to the lockdown, it has started A blanket vaccination campaign As far as effective with one strategy: make one dose reach as many people as possible, postpone the other for later. On 3 January, the number of people receiving 1.3 million doses was over 20 million on 1 March, accounting for about 31% of the country’s population.

And so, after the transition reached its peak between 9 and 10 January, the epidemic curve in the United Kingdom swooped: There have been 6,391 new cases since 28 September yesterday.. In short, the mix between lockdown and vaccination has allowed the country to pull out of the epidemic nightmares in the hope of never returning, despite weeks of actual hell.

Italy’s case today It is quite different from the UKIn fact, for months we have been living with heavy restrictions, which were not in London at the time of the explosion of cases. In addition, a part – although we will see later is small – has already vaccinated the population, especially among health workers and people over 80, and therefore Pressure on hospitals will reduce Known from the United Kingdom.

However, it is clear that cases will increase, and not slightly: according to CNR The rate of increase in infection doubles every five days. In October, at the beginning of the second wave, doubling occurred every seven days. The English version is much more contagious than the “original” version of the virus, and it is a Pushes the epidemic more forcefully: The risk is that, in the absence of further restrictive measures, the peak of 40 thousand new positivity recorded on 13 November will cross in this third wave.

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Fortunately, however, many measures are still in force, as noted, the vaccination campaign has begun, albeit slowly, and We have a model to avoid worse troubles: the case of the United Kingdom. What can we learn from their experience? First, but it is already known, that we should go on with the vaccination campaign. Italy Is moving very slowly with the administration: The first dose was received by 3.1 million Italians, equivalent to 5.2% of the population. Complete vaccination was performed for 1.4 million people, 2.4% of the population: ironically a higher percentage than the UK, fully immunizing only 1.2% of its inhabitants.

However, several recent studies show how A single dose of the vaccine is effective, However, the latter waits to administer the other, as needed in time. In Italy, discussions have begun on the possibility of following the UK model, on which path the scientific world is still divided. Now this government was drawn and the new Kovid Emergency Commissioner, General Figiolo, A. Decide which path to take. One of the vaccine topics that we have addressed in the report with Alice Martinelli in Le Mirror, which you can see at the top of this article.

Then there are the restrictions: The UK has sprayed vaccination keeping the population in lockdown A model adopted by Germany, to include cases. Italy now “opposes” the system of color zones, even though they are now those who are like the governors of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, arguing that “They are not enough anymore“.

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Italy has the advantage of not being overwhelmed by the English version as compared to the United Kingdom, but the data is steadily growing and time is up: Short time strict restrictions, and a decisive sprint in the vaccination campaign, Can open the doors for us to overcome the third wave without serious consequences and return to normalcy, waiting for all like water in the desert.

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