England’s 30 coronavirus hotspot experts warn UK is ‘going astray’

Coronavirus cases rise in 264 places in England as new infections reach record level

Coronavirus infection rates continue to rise across the country as SAG experts warn that the UK is “going the wrong way”.

This warning from Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Valence shows Burnley with the highest rate of infection in England.

A total of 291 new cases have been recorded in the region since the two days of September – equivalent to 32 32.3 cases per 100,000 people.

It had risen sharply from 178.8 per 100,000 in the previous seven days.

Nowsale has the second highest rate from 204.2 to 261.8 in 394 new cases.

Liverpool are in third place, with the rate rising to 258.4 from 1988 and 1,287 new cases.

Other areas that recorded sharp growth at their seven-day rate include Newcastle in Tyne – there were 7,744 new cases from 1608 to 255.6.

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Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned that things were “going the wrong way”

Manchester infection rate is 122. from to 266.0, with 1,305 new cases and St. Helens rising from 128.5 to 211.5 with 362 new cases.

Statistics show an alarming increase of 108 people across the UK – less than yesterday’s 143, the highest daily increase since the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

And for the second day in a row, 1 more death was reported, bringing the number of tragic deaths to 42,143.

The total number of confirmed cases in England was 5,6566, Scotland 4040, Wales 36 and Northern Ireland 424, bringing the total number in Britain to 453,2644.

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The top 33 regions in England have their infection rates (per 100,000) and this number a week ago

Burnley: 177.8 to 327.3

Nowsale: 204.2 to 261.8 up

Liverpool: 258.4 up since 1988

Newcastle on Tyne: 1605 to 255.6 up

Manchester: 172 to 236.0 up

St. Helens: 128.5 to 211.5 up

Pendulum: 161.8 to 207.4

Halton: 189.3 to 205.5 up

Liverpool have seen a sharp rise in infection rates

Preston: 1973 up to 183.7

Hindburn: 193.7 to 195.0 up

Sunderland: 1403 to 183.3 up

Safton: 121.9 to 182.0 up

Rochdale: 146.6 to 170.9 up

Warrington: 1303 to 163.3 up

Salford: 141.7 to 161.5

Bradford: 146.2 to 151.9

A further 7,108 incidents were recorded in the last 24 hours

Northbarland: 84.0 to 149.2

Thameside: 137.8 to 146.6

Leeds: 1088 to 138.3

Wigan: 120.2 to 135.7

Gateshead: 135.1 to 130.7

Answer Tyside: 97.2 to 134.7 up

Birmingham: 121.3 to 124.3

West Lancashire: 76.3 to 123.4

Middlesbrough: 531 to 121.3

Hartlepool: 120.0 up to 79.0

Craven: 117.3 up to 78.8

Trafford: 69.0 to 115.0 up

Field: .2 up.৮ to 105.2

Kirklees: 92.2 to 98.2 up

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