‘England makes history’: Britain rejoices after England’s win over Denmark in the Euro semi-final last night

‘Historic’: Great Britain rejoiced at England’s victory over Denmark in the Euro semi-finals on Wednesday night, allowing the ‘Three Lions’ to play their first major tournament final in 55 years against Italy on Sunday. The feat hit the headlines of all newspapers on Thursday, which, with the notable exception of financial daily The Financial Times, chided each other in exaggeration. “England Writes History”, Headlines The Times, 1966 World Cup 55 years after English victory, only title won by selection, and years of disappointment.

The Sun tabloid talks about “probably the best spirit in the world”, a nod to the Danish beer Carlsberg’s slogan. For the Daily Star tabloid, it’s “the biggest dream ever”. The Guardian also believes that England is in the middle of a “dream”. Many newspapers, such as the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express, run on the words “finale” and “finally”. The Daily Mail goes to ecstasy by kidnapping the name of Captain Harry Kane, offering a winning goal by converting a controversial penalty into two steps: “Kane (instead of Cain) do you believe it?” (beyond belief).

The praise is appropriate in the political camp as well. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who donned the English selection’s white jersey at Wembley on Wednesday night, highlighted the “great performances of Gareth Southgate’s team” on Twitter, calling for the trophy to be brought “home”. On Sky News channel, his finance minister sees it as “a glorious moment for the country”, which comes as a reminder “what life was like before the coronavirus”.

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Fans celebrated the victory of thousands on the streets of England, despite a rebound of contamination caused by the Delta variant, waving their nation’s red and white flags and some even going on rooftops to defy anticovid rules. In. A red double decker bus in London. It “unites” the country, minister Rishi Sunak added on the BBC, and benefits the economy – pubs were allowed to stay open longer on Sundays, so as not to disappoint fans with overtime.

According to a Politico publication, the victory against Italy could see the government strip England coach Gareth Southgate and several players from the Order of the British Empire (MBE) title. The tone is much less cheerful in Scotland, a British province marked by a tendency towards independence and eliminated from the group stage. For the Scottish version of the Suns, the final has only been reached thanks to “a controversial penalty”.


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