England cricket team ‘not worried’ after testing hotel staff for Kovid-19


The girls are ‘not worried’ after it emerged that two staff members at the team hotel in Galle tested positive for Kovid-19.

According to local media, two members of the Lighthouse Hotel’s kitchen staff have tested positive and are expected to be hospitalized.

England were made aware of the news on Friday morning and issued a statement stating that it was business as usual on the tour for ‘the most coveted obedient team in world cricket’ as they had not entered into contact with individuals.

“We’re not worried,” he said. “Our protocols have been excellent and we remain vigilant.

He said, ‘We are the highest cricket team in the world. We are the only international team to have a Kovid Compliance Officer in any sport. He is responsible for ensuring that we meet the highest standards in all our Kovid protocols. We remain alert and respectful to the Sri Lankan authorities and will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our players and general population.


“We are vigilant around our team’s base in Gaul and the stadium. Players respect social distance, wear masks indoors and dine in hotels at individual tables.

“Our Kovid Compliance Officers brief stakeholders and management on a daily basis and state the latest developments in Sri Lanka and the UK.”

England were tested for the fourth time since arriving in Sri Lanka on Tuesday and recorded completely negative points. Moin Ali is isolated after a positive test upon arrival in the country. As it stands, England is expected to be tested again on the 19th.

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“When we reached Sri Lanka, Moin Ali tested positive in different residences for 12 days,” the statement said. “He lives in a hotel isolated from the galley team. He continues to receive treatment from medical teams in Sri Lanka and England and will return to the team as soon as he is sure to do so. We have not yet found a date as to when this will happen. “

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