Engineer Makes World’s Biggest Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch is obviously very easy to lose for some. In any case, this is the opinion of this American engineer, who decided to build a fully functional giant switch model!

Sincerely: Michael Pick

Certainly, the Nintendo console has inspired hackers and engineers for the past few weeks. For example, a developer has proven that it is possible to mine bitcoins with Gameboy, while a YouTuber has achieved the feat of transferring Tenet film onto the cartridge of the Gameboy Advance SP.

The unusual composition of the day comes from Tennessee in the United States. Michael Pick, who qualifies as aTop engineerDecided to build from scratch Nintendo Switch and Format XXL. One thing is certain, the designer was crazy for grandeur. His switch is 650% larger The standard model and its measurements are impressive: 177.8 cm 76.2 cm long And 30 kg on the scale!

Plan a trailer if you want to go on vacation with it. “I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable … but it’s really easy to lose, and for me it was a problem. So I decided to solve this problem by doing something big, and it was just a little hard “, Choose Michael Pick.

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This Nintendo Switch is huge… and functional!

As the video shows, the work done by the budding engineer is impressive, making the Switch XXL a perfect replica of its younger sister. But the designers went far beyond this Giant Switch is fully functional. Actually, each button reacts to the finger and the eye. To make this possible, Michael Pick hid the bus switch and the real Joy-Con under wooden panels. And thanks for Multiple servomotors and 3D printed circuitsCommands on the giant button are transmitted to the classic Joy-Con. The video signal is provided by a single HDMI cable between the console and the integrated 4K screen.

And as Michael Pick explains, if you don’t have enough dimensions to hit all the big buttons, it is possible to play with a Nintendo Switch Pro controller or a Game Cube controller. Instead of letting his work collect dust in his garage, the videographer decided To offer this huge switch to the Children’s Hospital in St. JudeLocated in Nashville. A great initiative.

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