Energy crisis: London seeks to extend the life of its coal-fired power plants

Faced with burdensome risks to energy supplies next winter that could result in millions of homes being cut, London is particularly preparing to make its coal-fired power stations longer run, we told the government on Monday. learned from

“It is normal that we explore a wide range of options to strengthen our energy security and supply” and “even if there are no shortages, we will have to keep our coal-fired power plants open this winter.” may”, according to a statement sent to AFP.

In a scenario in which Russia further cuts its gas supply to Europe, power cuts during peak consumption could affect six million homes next winter, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters AFP, daily. Confirms information from The Times.

The United Kingdom, heavily dependent on gas in its electricity generation, still imports less Russian hydrocarbons than other European countries, and London has announced an end to its imports of Russian oil and coal by the end of the year. And finally wants to turn off the gas.

Energy Minister Kwasi Quarteng has asked operators of the country’s last three coal-fired power plants to keep them open, without abandoning the country’s goal of completely phasing out coal thermals by October 2024. asked for. Assured the executive.

Drakes, which operates the country’s largest coal-fired plant, indicated earlier in September that it could increase coal use if necessary to help maintain the balance of the power network.

Another way the government explores to secure supplies is to extend the life of the Hinckley B nuclear power plant, which was to begin dismantling this summer, Chris Phillip, the secretary of state in charge of technologies, said on Monday.

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“The government has no problem of gas or electricity supply and is fully prepared for all scenarios, even those which are extreme and very unlikely to happen,” however assured the executive. .

In addition to supply apprehensions, rising energy prices are creating a serious crisis in the cost of living in the country, which will worsen this winter.

London last week pledged to tax the oil giant’s profits to help finance the most modest of billions of pounds in aid.

The British government recently published a new strategy that emphasizes the development of renewable energy, but which also advocates investment in hydrocarbons in the North Sea.

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