Endwalker postponed for two weeks

It’s an unexpected delay that (slightly) upsets this month’s video game release schedule: The Expansion endwalker MMORPG’s FINAL FANTASY XIV There will be a slight delay. This was initially expected for November 23, with early access on November 19, endwalker It will finally arrive in early December with a delay of two weeks.

As described during the stream in the words of its producer and director Naoki Yoshi (aka Yoshi-P) “Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVIIhandjob Decisions are far from taken lightly.

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Time required for test phases

It’s never easy to postpone an expansion a few weeks before its release – even more so for the Japanese game designer, very attached to his project since its launch. FINAL FANTASY XIV in 2010. Yoshi-P explains as well as the development ofendwalker It took longer than expected, which has the effect of reducing the time allotted for the testing phases by the QA teams.

Rather than shortening the internal test steps – required for the final stages of polishing – Yoshi-P decided to postpone the release date to October 29, to ensure that the final product lived up to its expectations. Expansion endwalker is described as the conclusion of the 11-year-old Ark, and the development team wants to put quality first.

A sentimental figure, Yoshi-Pi struggles to contain his tears during the announcement, which makes it hard for fans to perseverely await the expansion’s arrival – but the community, true to his reputation, has taken the news. Welcomed a flood of support via Stream’s chatbox.

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Thus presented a new roadmap for the coming month: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will take place from December 3, while the official release is scheduled for December 7. Patch 6.01 will arrive with Pandemonium on December 21, while Patch 6.05, with its sadistic Pandemonium and its new tools and memos, will arrive on January 4, 2022. The launch trailer is available now. And is already online on YouTube.

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