End of sunny days for BoJo – Salvation

The Conservative Party suffered a heavy defeat in the constituency of North Shropshire, held for two hundred years, at the end of the partial legislative assembly. A disgrace to Boris Johnson, rejected across the state for his handling of COVID and the post-Brexit era.

boris johnson “To imagine”. majority of “To imagine” what ?

Does he take responsibility for his Conservative Party’s spectacular defeat in the North Shropshire (West of England) by-election, which he himself instigated by supporting a local MP accused of corruption? this rural, prosperous constituency, where we meet gentlemen farmer Barbour and Wellington, had been curators since its inception over two hundred years ago. In June 2016, it voted 60% in favor of Brexit. Today she is victoriously elected representative of the Liberal Democrats, the most pro-European party in the UK.

Does he believe the many Christmas parties that took place under his roof at 10 Downing Street in December 2020, not to mention a pizza party last May, when the country was confined?

What he considers a return to the full agony of a virus that never ceases to contain normal life, which gallops in the United Kingdom, where it has already killed 147,000 people, while for months, no hindrance Gesture not observed or mask worn, whether in offices or on public transport?

Is that galloping inflation, suffering economy, huge drop in foreign investment, these European students leaving British universities, taking this famous Brexit, which still hasn’t yielded the slightest positive result, that makes us openly And lets proudly say that it is much better now than it was five years ago?

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boris johnson says: “understand why people feel hopeless”, that he takes “personal responsibility” About the disastrous result of the election “With all humility, I must accept this decision.” are not english “desperate” But desperate, angry and, even two years after the pandemic, exhausted. Boris Johnson doesn’t make people laugh anymore. what if humility was one of his virtues, it would be known.

What legitimacy do they have today to impose a slight ban, to demand the least effort from the British? One rule for him and his companions, another for others. He has demonstrated this on several occasions, his moral compass either non-existent or seriously out of order.

Two years after his victorious election, he achieved the feat of isolating his country, in open conflict with France but with the European Union, ridiculed by others. Cautiously, his government has in recent weeks also backtracked on fishing, granting a drop of new licenses, and acknowledging the European Court of Justice’s supremacy in the Northern Irish Protocol. Fortunately for Johnson, repeated scandals have so far drowned the fish…

The next UK general election is scheduled for May 2024. Appropriately, if the Tories are to work trying to gain a majority after fourteen years in power, they will need to organize themselves immediately. Next summer and rest assured that their leader is the champion to come. Will Boris Johnson become this champion again? Wasn’t sure at all.

Boris Johnson has few friends. Many, mediocre politicians around him, now intoxicated by the unexpected power that an ill-formed referendum has bestowed upon him, have supported him as he saw it as a formidable opportunity for his career. I had seen. Many, however, three years ago still said worse about him than the gallows. He has no real clan. He is a current in himself, or rather, he is the only actor on The Boris Johnson Show. Which is fast becoming an oven.

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