End of parliamentary elections postponed again to March 31

Somali electoral authorities have postponed the deadline for completing parliamentary elections to March 31, causing a further delay in the process that could lead to the appointment of a new president, which lasted more than a year. is expected to.

The election committee announced the new postponement on Tuesday evening, adding to political uncertainty in this volatile country in the Horn of Africa, which is facing its worst drought in decades and radical Islamist insurgency.

In late February, the government had postponed the deadline for completing the appointment of members of the lower house till March 15.

But on Tuesday, according to official results, 39 out of 275 seats were to be filled in three states (20 in Jubaland, 13 in Hirschbele and 6 in Puntland).

In a new calendar published Tuesday evening, the federal body in charge of organizing the elections announced that the “official final result” would be announced on March 31 and the swearing-in ceremony on April 14.

The conclusion of the lower house elections, repeatedly postponed, is a major step towards the election of a new president. Under Somalia’s complex electoral system, federal state legislatures and representatives of numerous clans and sub-clans elect parliamentarians who appoint the president.

Somalia has been waiting for more than a year to elect a new head of state.

The president since 2017, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Faramajo, saw his mandate expire on February 8, 2021, without agreeing with regional leaders on the organization of the election.

The announcement in mid-April to extend his mandate for two years sparked armed conflicts in Mogadishu.

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In a gesture of appeasement, Farmajo instructed his prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, to hold the election. But after this the tension between the two men multiplied, delaying the process.

The elections to the Upper House end in late 2021. In early January, Mr Robley and regional leaders reached an agreement to complete the lower house’s electoral cycle by February 25, which began in November. Pharmajo had confirmed its support for the agreement.

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