Emotional debates begin on anti-lynching laws while Cory Booker challenges Rand Paul change

Paul holds up anti-lynching bill. See Harris and Booker's response.
As George Floyd’s commemoration ceremony began in Minnesota, Paul, who edited the popular bipartisan legislation to lynch a federal crime, came to the Senate floor in Washington to add and amend the anti-lynching legislation. . The bill argued that it was overly broad in writing, and said its change would “apply criminal penalties not only for other crimes but only for lynching”. The GOP senator then unanimously requested approval to adopt the bill with this amendment. However, Harris and Booker spoke against the effort, and Booker objected.

“Senator Paul is now trying to weaken a previously taken bill – there is no reason for it, there is no reason for it,” Harris said. Said.

In emotional explanations, Booker said “he feels so raw today” and says that at the moment God is literally doing what it would mean to America if this bill passed today. finally agreed. ”

“Volumes would speak for racist suffering and injuries of generations,” Booker said. Said. “I don’t need a colleague, Kentucky Senator to tell me about a lynch in this country. I stopped at the museum in Montgomery, Alabama and watched African-American families crying stories of pregnant women in this country, and this body was nothing, even though she did not, her babies separated from them. ”

Pointing to Paul, Booker said he did not question Paul’s heart, but strongly opposed his actions.

“My colleague Rand Paul there is one of the first hands I shake” on the Senate floor. “He’s my friend … but I’m so crazy today.”

America's lynch legacy is not all history. Many say it's still happening today

“I am trying to change this law not because I take the lynches lightly, but because I take it seriously and not make this law,” said Paul, “the meaning of this bill is lynching, a little bruise or wear: the history of our nation’s racist terrorism requires more seriousness than us.”

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Soon after, GOP Sen from Alaska. Lisa Murkowski came to the ground for a talk that women had been planning to vote for weeks. To talk about the debates that he just saw a while before his speeches and to say his own words in the country’s situation.

“I just want you to know that I’m grateful to be here to hear it personally. We can read the words, but when we have the ability to hear and feel those words, their true meaning is revealed,” Murkowski told Booker and Harris.

Murkowski said he wanted to speak today because he feels very quiet.

“I was challenged by some. “You’re quiet, Lisa. Didn’t you correct what you said? I was scolded by my very close friends who said. I struggled with the right words, as a white woman who was born and raised as a child of a privileged family in Alaska, I cannot feel the openness and hairlessness that I heard expressed by my friends Cory and Kamala. I can listen and train myself and try to be a healer when we need to recover. “

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