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The new Afro-France summit will take place on 8.10 in Montpellier in the south of France. This year, African heads of state and government were not invited to the meeting. The French President will hold discussions with members of French and African civil society. During this Afro-France summit, Emmanuel Macron asked Cameroonian intellectual Akil Mbembe to prepare exchanges with civil society.

There were several meetings with the diaspora to radically change relations between France and Africa to discuss the priorities they want to put forward.

actors of change

According to its organisers, the Montpellier summit will focus on the actors of change (entrepreneurs, intellectuals, researchers, artists, athletes, creators, influencers, etc.), to question and rediscover the fundamentals of the relationship between France and France. be defined. The African continent in creating a new space for young people to listen, answer their questions and forward-oriented dialogue.

Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego, coordinator of the Presidential Council of Africa, created in 2017 by Emmanuel Macron, believes the Montpellier summit aims to usher in a new era. Even if it intervenes especially at a time when France is increasingly criticized in Africa.

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