Emmanuel Macron’s big dealings with European press journalists

Since Friday, 7 May, leaders of EU member states have gathered at a social peak in Porto, Portugal to discuss social measures as the Kovid-19 epidemic continues to spread across the continent and the world. On this Saturday, at the end of this meeting, Emmanuel Macron gave European journalists a few moments during a press conference which, at one point, was a fun twist…

During this press conference, the head of state specifically addressed the vaccination question, confirming that “if we don’t get vaccinated everywhere in the world, we’ll never stop the epidemic and its variants.” In front of the press, he also gave several avenues for globalizing this vaccination: it was an “intellectual in the OMC” for “overproduction, over-export, technology transfer, dosage donation, asset weights”. ONPI framework, as done for HIV triple therapy ”. However, one journalist noted that Joe Biden appeared to have “leadership on the issue” and that he alone was setting the agenda; Indeed, on 5 May, the President of the United States vindicated itself in favor of lifting intellectual property on vaccines against Kovid-19. This intervention did not fail to offend Emmanuel Macron, who took the opportunity to deal with journalists.

“I, I am not in lamentation, I am in efficiency”, (…)

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