Emmanuel Macron confirmed his “will” to run for the next presidential election

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed ” Send » To stand in the next presidential election which will be held in two rounds on April 10 and April 24, 2022.

, There is no false suspense. I want As soon as there are conditions of cleanliness that allow this and I have clarified the subject, in itself and with respect to the political equation, I will say what it is with the same freedom because I do not want anything to deny me Do. I’ve always been free, that’s what allows me to“, Emmanuel Macron said of his candidacy for the presidential election, his first of the year, in an interview with Parisien.

The French President justified his period of reflection by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. , If I speak today, what will be my ability to handle the peak of the health crisis? In any case, do I have ambitions, dreams and desires for my country? Yes“,” he said, considering it was too early to build it. personal choice,

If Emmanuel Macron has not given a specific date for a possible official announcement of his candidacy, he should speak quickly. , Will that moment come sooner rather than later? Yes. This decision is consolidated in my heart. I need to make sure I can go as far as I want, “, he announced.

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, Seven years ago I was not in politics. Five years ago, few people trusted your servant. I don’t want to have a warrant to keep a warrant. If I represent myself, I get re-elected and I satisfy myself with managing a second term in five or ten years, people will legitimately condemn me. It’s good to manage crises, I know. But the question is to restore the strength of our nation and to meet the challenges that we have mentioned ecological, educational, health … I must confirm this in the coming weeks.“. He said again.

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According to the country’s media, more than 30 candidates for the 2022 presidential election have already been made public. But more than half of applicants do not expect to get the referrals they need to compete.

A few months before the presidential election, various polls gave Emmanuel Macron a first-round lead. The latest, the Opinionve-Kia Partners barometer for “Les Echos” and Classic Radio, published on Monday, credits Emmanuel Macron with the intended first place of the vote in the first round (26%), well ahead of Valerie Pecrese. who is a candidate. Republican and Marine Le Pen, the national rally candidate, were both credited with 16%. Polimist Eric Zemour is credited with the intent of 13% of the turnout.

On the left, the total vote divided among the seven candidates reached 26%. Rebel candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon is leading with 9% of the vote, ahead of ecologist Yannick Jadot (7%). For her part, Socialist Party candidate Anne Hidalgo has a maximum of 6%.

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