Emmanuel Macron calls Mali prime minister’s allegations “shameful” at UN

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Emmanuel Macron on Thursday described as “shameful” remarks made at the United Nations by the Malian prime minister, who had condemned France’s “mid-flight abandonment”, citing the end of the military operation Barkhane.

“I was shocked. These comments are unacceptable”, French President Emmanuel Macron reacted to the Malian prime minister’s speech to the United Nations on Thursday, 30 September. On Sunday, the latter had qualified the end of the French-led Operation Barkhane in the Sahel by “abandonment in full flight”, criticizing the “lack of consultation”.

“It is a shame and a disgrace that there is not even a government” declared the French head of state as a result of the “two coup d’état”, who served as the RFI on the sidelines of the finale dinner of Africa’s 2020 season in Elysee. responded to.

“I know the Malians don’t think so,” said Emmanuel Macron. “We are demanding because we are committed, we want to fight against terrorism and for security,” he said. “We are here because the Malian state has requested it. Without France, Mali would have been in the hands of terrorists,” he said.

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“Let them do their job”

The French president said he hoped that the junta leaders “will honor their commitments: that elections will be held in February, that they stop jailing political opponents, that they do their job, saying the return of the C'” means state. which he hasn’t done in months.”

“We are going to continue the development projects” with the international community in Mali. But “this work cannot be done if leaders do not take their responsibility”, he warned.

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“It is not inevitable,” he continued, citing the example of Mali’s neighboring country, Niger, where “a courageous president, President Bazume, is followed by a more courageous president, the president. Issoufou, who is doing his best, is fighting. For their people, education, health… they are doing a commendable job.”

AfricaFour million viewers for the 2020 season

After visiting Ghanaian artist El Anatsui’s exhibition in the concierge with his wife Brigitte, Emmanuel Macron hosted a dinner reception for the actors and partners of Africa’s 2020 season that ended on Thursday. He congratulated himself on the success of this long event, which since December 2020 has gathered more than four million spectators at 1,500 artistic, scientific or economic events across France.

The event “allowed France to recognize the place of youth and African energy,” he said.

“Our relations with Africa must go through youth and civil society”, he said, adding that the France-Africa summit is to be held in Montpellier on 8 October, a summit “slightly reversed” by heads of state. but will bring the representatives together. of African civil society.

Africa2020 was proposed by Emmanuel Macron during his speech to African youth in Ouagadougou in 2017.

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