Emmanuel Macron Announcements, Supernovae and Ostrich Eggs

Science news of 13 July 2021 is:

Covid-19: What to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s announcements.

  • Emmanuel Macron announced the expansion of the immunization obligation for caregivers and health passes receiving people over 50 at cafes, restaurants and leisure and cultural venues.
  • The third dose of the vaccine will be given to all those who have been vaccinated at the start of the vaccination campaign.
  • PCR tests will become chargeable and border control will be strengthened.

In Space: A supernova is expected in 70 million years in this double star system.

  • A supernova will form in a double star system 1500 light years from our solar system in 70 million years.
  • Supernovae occur in binary systems when the white dwarf has a companion star to which it can absorb material down to a finite mass.
  • Both stars have the material to produce Type 1 supernovae.

In archaeology: Ostrich eggs reveal a climatic event that occurred 250,000 years ago.

  • Ostrich eggs show that 250,000 years ago, South Africa had a completely different climate of rain and green grasslands.
  • The researchers used isotopic analysis of ostrich eggs excavated in the late 1990s to determine the diet of the ostrich.
  • It is during this period that we find the first sapiens in southern Africa and other homo, We are also taking advantage of the climate and abundant resources.

In Hi-Tech: Computer Hacking in the Service of German Cyber ​​Security.

  • The possibility of German intelligence and security services using Trojans to spy on all Internet messaging services is controversial.
  • The Grand Alliance succeeded in passing amendments to the law to protect the Bundestag’s constitution, which increases surveillance and infiltration powers of the intelligence services.
  • The German government could negotiate with a hacker company to purchase these intelligence services.
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In the Environment: Green Hydrogen, Electricity, Retrofitting: What Dynamics for Tomorrow?

  • Ecological vehicles professionals gathered in Alsace for the twelfth edition of the International Meeting of Ecological Vehicles.
  • Various forms of energy supply were presented, such as electricity, hydrogen, natural gas.
  • Retrofit is also in the limelight this year. This involves replacing the heat engine on an already existing car with an electric motor.

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