Emma again believes in true love and expensive phone to Bibi. Display

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Marlis van Leeuwen and Maxim Segers

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17-11-20, 21:09

The singer Emma Hester True love is never believed in, but his friend Wesley proves otherwise.

is Auntie breezman Like a very expensive new phone, it drops the device.

Bridget Masland Captured this melting moment of his son and dog.

nothing ventured nothing gained. This is why The Voice winner does Plune Birobom Join the vip version of First visits.

Gave birth yesterday Samantha ‘Barbie’ De Jong Sits on a pink cloud and spams her fans with adorable baby snapshots.

Of Mayk de Boer A secret admirer remains a mystery. It is clear that the stylist is happy with Rose in front of her front door.

Gwen van Poorten Today he can fly 31 candles and celebrate spending the whole day with four-legged friend Frida.

effect Bass smit, Nicolette van Dam’s husband, remembers that time AndrĂ© Haj There was no real bodybuilder body yet.

Fred van ler Never walk alone Lee towers By his side.

Party at home Public smithDaughter Emma is celebrating her tenth birthday.

Tygo Gernandt Behind the scenes exchanging his acting life for a job, but does he really have talent?

Carrie van Houghton Believe yourself to have breakfast in bed. With a nice layer of makeup, of course.

Sylvie Mees Breakfast skips: There is a cardio workout in the menu.

Marlene Virdenberg Describes how she has transformed from a “weeping heap” into a happy woman.

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