Eminent fame for man and horse in ten minutes, with half a billion viewers

And then the seventh and 23rd hurdle is Fonnavon, followed by Becher’s Brooke. A comparison with the story of short tracker Steven Bradbury is necessary.

The Australian more or less contested himself with the fifth and final spot in the 2002 Olympic finals, secretly hoping for an accident from Chinese, Korean, Canadian and American skating. Preferably two, because then he had bronze. But all four fell, causing Sona to suddenly fall to him.

But it can also be crazy. The horse that won in 1967 is named Foinavon Fence, which was eighteenth through the second round, but won because seventeen (!) Horses all fell ahead of him or came to a stop at this 23rd hurdle.

Dee Rum in BBC-Studio

The name Red Rum should not disappear in any story about the Grand National. Red Rum (read backwards, see Murder, also see the film The Shining) is the only horse to win three times in 172 volumes: in 1973, 1974 and 1977. He finished second twice.

In his third win, Red Rum was allowed to perform as a guest at BBC Studios for the awards ceremony Sports Personality of the Year. The award went to tennis star Virginia Wade, who won Wimbledon that year by defeating Dutch Betty Stowe in the final.

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