Emily makes no sense from social media in Paris

Emily makes no sense from social media in Paris

EmilyInParis> Options> Mute Account.

Okay, so I’ve finally seen it Emily in Paris And I have a lot of thoughts, but one thing that crushed my gears was Emily’s social media presence and its growth.

I guess Emily is a naturally talented social media personality who has become a big influence, but … it just doesn’t add up.


Now I’m not pretending to be any influential or social media expert. But like Emily I am also a social media user, and it’s clear that things are off here !!!

Emily started with 47 followers, which is surprisingly less for me than anyone with Emily’s personality and marketing background.

Fast forward to the next day – he’s got a few more followers, nothing crazy. But after his two posts, the croissant is eating and the kids are playing …

… he went from 53 followers to 200.


Now, she’s a white, conventional attractive young woman, so at least I can see how her selfies can be gathered. A few Random followers.

The point is, many of Emily’s posts are lame as hell. Her account is a lot of incredible pictures of objects, food and just living her own life of strangers. In fact, thousands of people don’t crowd into his account for that kind of content.


Also, Emily has a habit of posting photos of strangers without her own knowledge or consent মতো like a girl, who raised you?

Also, his captions are so corny. For example, I think a young millennium would write this about a career in marketing and social media?

And the growth of his account is unrealistic. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Emily would get over a thousand followers in one go Morning After posting a picture of this statue.

It’s even more unrealistic that a picture of Emily from CHEESE could get her more than 3,000 followers in less than an hour ??????????


How did everyone find his account so quickly? Did he make a picture of his cheese on their Instagram search pages? Is the audience serious for cheese in France?

And in what world would a picture of a random kid get more likes than his cute selfie?

He has even been invited to some influential events with his influence followers who have more than a quarter following, but somehow I believe his video stood out to the CMO the most …. LOL, OK.


The fact that the CMO heard “Berry Hungry” and with all seriousness “she’s smart” actually sent me this fact.

Hey, IDK, maybe he secretly bought the rich man and all his followers যেমন as I continue to try to understand it, I’ll leave you with this important reminder of Emily.

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