Emily in Paris: This hugely popular actor will return in Season 3!

An actor very popular among fans of the Emily in Paris series, is returning for the third season. We will give you more information.

He stunned fans on Season 2 of Emily in Paris! and will be Back in Season 3 for more adventures. MCE TV tells you more.

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season 2 of the series Emily’s fans were eagerly waiting in Paris. Despite the criticism generated by the show’s first season airing, the audience was well received.

Soon after its release on Netflix, the series by Lily Collins finds itself in the top trend of most-watched shows on the platform. And as we say: Never 2 without 3!

Emily and her band will be back on our screens for a third season. In fact, the pretty brunette hasn’t finished telling us her stories in Paris.

Season 2 was also a good surprise for the fans. In fact, they were able to discover new faces. Specially Young actor Lucien Laviscount.

The latter lent its features to the character of Alfie, who had an affair with our beautiful Emily. The character quickly became a fan of the series. And we have good news for them!

Lucien Laviscount will actually be back for Amelie in the Paris season. So the young man was promoted to a regular actor in the cast of the Netflix series.

So it reassures us about the character’s future in the show. At the end of Season 2, Alfie was back in the UK. But now we can expect him to return to Paris.

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Lucien Lovescott, The Return

Season 3 of Emily in Paris So that gives us some surprises. As a reminder, last season, Emily met Alfie during her French class.

The two strangers became friends. And very soon this friendship turned into a beautiful love story. But the girl still hasn’t forgotten Gabriel.

At the end of the season, Alfie’s return to the UK prompts him to come and tell Gabriel about his feelings. But the big surprise: the latter is again in a relationship with Camille.

The return of Lucien Lovecicount for Season 3 of Emily in Paris will mean that her story isn’t over yet! So we can’t wait to know everything about it.

Revealed by the Netflix series, the young man is not going to leave us. Great news for fans who want more!

At the age of 29, the young man debuted as a model. After that he started acting career. Also, it is not in its first series. Actually, we already saw it in Scream Queens in 2015. But it was on Lily Collins’ arm that it broke!

As a reminder, the streaming giant is already Ordered third and fourth seasons By Emily in Paris. Filming hasn’t started yet. But it shouldn’t take long.

One thing is certain, fans can’t wait to discover new adventures of young Emily. case to follow.

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