Emily Andre says Kate Garaway’s husband speaks again ‘huge step’ in Kovid recovery

Peter Andre’s wife, Dr. Emily McDonagh, has opened up about the coronavirus recovery process of Derek Draper, husband of Kate Garaway.

Junior NHS Medicine, 31, said it was a “huge step” for Derek to speak again after waking up from Cora.

Kate was devastated when her husband contracted the coronavirus in March, as the situation soon turned out to be worse.

Derek – with whom Kate has shared two babies – fell into a fight for his life on the intensive care ventilator.

And now Emily Derek’s “breakthrough” moment is expressing her expert opinion on how the ability to speak is “extremely complex” and uses multiple parts of the brain.

Emily, the wife of Peter Andre, gave expert opinion on the progress of her deck draper

She’s fine! Mag column, Emily writes: “It’s amazing to say but the ability to speak is very complex, it uses different parts of the brain to process.

“It may seem like a small step but it’s huge and he can start telling them how they feel now.

“Looks like he’s still got some way to recover and I’m hopeful he’ll continue to make further progress.”

Derek, 33, has been in hospital since being infected with the deadly virus in March

Kate recently shared a “miracle moment” while Derek was in hospital, speaking to her husband for the first time in 214 days.

The GMB star shared her joy with her co-stars Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reid earlier this month.

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He said: “Back in April when we first chatted and I said, look, he seems to have survived so far … it could be [miracle]”

Kate revealed that Derek made his first statement earlier this month since coming out of a coma

Kerr recounted her miraculous moment when she witnessed Derek’s first speech, when she felt equally devastated by her husband when he revealed that he was in pain.

He said: “[The hospital staff] Talk to them and they will say ‘OK, we’re just going to move your arm or leg’ and each time they say ‘Let us know if you’re in pain’

“He indulged in ‘pain’ … everyone stopped and stared.”

Emily and Peter tied the knot in 2015

He added: “It’s heartbreaking because he feels pain but it means he’s been able to feel a sensation in his body and be able to connect it to the pain in the brain and then in the mouth,” he said.

“I believe he’s there,” Kate said. “It’s a long way from Derek … but it started.”

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