Emergency meeting in South Korea among Kim Yo Jong’s threats

South Korea held an emergency security meeting Sunday after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister threatened military action against the neighboring country.

Kim Yo Jong, a reliable helper for his brother, referred to South Korea as a “enemy” on Saturday night and warned that the army would allow him to decide to return the propaganda and food from the north.

“I have instructed the arms of the department responsible for the affairs with the enemy to execute the next action resolutely,” he told the state media.

According to the Presidency, South Korea’s national security director, Chung Eui-yong, urged Sunday morning to hold an urgent video conference with ministers responsible for security and military generals.

The Ministry of Unification, which conducts relations with North Korea, later said the government “takes the current situation seriously”.

“The South and North should try to honor all agreements within Korea,” the ministry said in a statement. Said.

The Ministry of Defense also said that North Korea is closely monitoring its army and is ready to respond.

The relationship between North and South Korea has deteriorated in recent months, and some experts have suggested that Pyongyang has been disappointed by the lack of progress in the nuclear talks supported by the Trump administration and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

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