Elton John: “I Can’t Go Sideways”

Elton John
“I can’t walk sideways”

Elton John at one of his concerts.

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Elton John reveals how he was doing after the fall. Apparently, the singer is not 100 percent fit again.

In September Sir Elton John (74) announced that he would have to postpone concerts on his tour. The singer fell. On the TV show “Lorraine”, the 74-year-old said via video call about the postponed appearance: “I wouldn’t be 100 percent fit – I wouldn’t be 100 percent sure because I’m in pain most of the time.”

He continued, “I can’t go sideways, I can’t get in and out of the car. The decision had to be made because I didn’t want to go on stage and give less than 100 percent.” He could not say that after a year and a half of touring his hip would have sagged – “probably not”. Elton John said, “This year he had to disappoint his fans, but I’ll make it up to you and I’ll be in a much better position”.

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The superstar said in a statement in September: “At the end of my summer vacation, I awkwardly collapsed on a hard surface and have been in immense pain ever since. […] in my hip. “Despite physiotherapy and specialist treatment, the pain had worsened, he said. It was becoming difficult for him to move.

The 74-year-old was advised to undergo an operation at the earliest. This should help her recover faster and “long-term complications” should be excluded. He will undergo “intensive physiotherapy” that will ensure “complete healing and a return to full mobility without pain”. The operation is said to have taken place in October, according to “The Sun”. Instead of 2021, Elton John will participate in the UK and Europe dates of his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour in 2023.


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