Ellie Goulding’s mum breaks silence after singer said relationship ‘wasn’t fixable’

Ellie Goulding's mum breaks silence after singer said relationship 'wasn't fixable'

Ellie Goulding’s mum Tracey has broken her silence after her daughter claimed that their relationship ‘wasn’t fixable’.

The iconic pop princess, 33, recently admitted that she had a fraught relationship with her mum and claimed she hadn’t seen Tracey since her wedding last year.

Responding to the allegations, Tracey, 56, told the MailOnline that she was upset about the recent remarks.

The mum of four claimed she didn’t know why Ellie would make such accusations.

“It’s very, very upsetting. I don’t know what to say. I am not that type of person,” she told the publication.

“I really, really don’t know what she is referring to and where the word threatening has come from.

Ellie Goulding’s mum has spoken out after being accused of ‘threatening’ behaviour

Ellie, who is promoting her latest album, recently told the Independent that her mum had become ‘threatening’ in the past.

Tracey added: “I don’t know what she is talking about. I don’t think Ellie has ever spoken about me in the press so I don’t know what I could become threatening about.

The Birmingham-based mum suggested that the situation may have been misconstrued.

Ellie explained that she had sought therapy after her relationship with Tracey broke down

Ellie has not seen her mum since she got married last year

She added: “I think it must have been twisted or taken out of context because I have not got a threatening bone in my body.’

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During her interview, Tracey also added that they are a ‘happy family’ but she was very hurt by the latest revalation.

“I put a brave face on and I am smiling now but quite frankly I am deeply hurt,” Tracey told.

“My other children have said to me, ‘oh my god, what the hell’. It is not nice to see your family all over the papers.”

During Ellie’s recent interview, the Starry Eyed singer suggested that she had a tense relationship with Tracey but hoped that they could resolve their differences.

The update on their relationship comes months after Ellie’s mum was caught up in a tense feud on social media with television personality Myles Stephenson.

The singer married Caspar Jopling in August 2019

Tracey’s original tweet before her account was deleted

Tracey was slammed for racism after she wrote: “Didn’t notice it so much on [the] jungle but what’s with #myles #gmb trying to sound like a black dude??”

Tracey quickly apologised and later make her social media private.

In her latest interview, Tracey also addressed the controversy and explained that she was just trying to lead a private life.

She said: “I was terribly ashamed. I came across as a monster and a racist and I came off Twitter. Now it is all being dragged up again and I am accused of being threatening, another nasty word.”

A rep for Ellie Goulding has been contacted for comment.

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