Ellen DeGeneres News: ‘Million Dollars’ Soft Release to US TV Star Megha Merkel | Celebrity News | Showbiz and TV

Ellen DeGeneres News: 'Million Dollars' Soft Release to US TV Star Megha Merkel |  Celebrity News |  Showbiz and TV

DeGranes and Royal formed a friendship in 2012 after facing a pet shelter, which brought Meghan Labrador-Shepherd Bogart home.

The comedian and his wife, Portia de Rossi, 47, identified the “suit” actress and insisted: “You’re taking the dog home!”

Meghan explained: “He walks outside to get in his car, but instead of going inside, he turns around and knocks on the window glass.

“Take the dog!” He shouted. And that’s why I brought him home, because Ellen told me. “

A year later, the star also voiced her opinion about a future member of the royal family, when her engagement to Prince Harry was announced in November 2017.

In a section of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he joked that his own family was “going to get a little bigger.”

DeGranes recalls how he and the Queen’s future father-in-law first met at the rescue shelter.

He said: “He adopted a dog, ‘because I told him …’ I don’t remember the story, but he does and obviously does what I tell him to do!”

In a continuation of that joke, DeGeneres made his claim for the 2018 Royal Wedding.

He said: “So, Meghan, if you see, I have more to tell you. Invite me to that wedding.

“And I want a Plus-400 instead of a Plus-One. I want all these people to come too ”

Despite her shouting pleas, the star did not accept any invitations and joked a lot about how she deserves a place to lead them on the guest list until the big day.

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