‘Elizabeth the Last’? The debate over monarchy resumed in Great Britain

AGI – Will Elizabeth II be remembered as Elizabeth the Last? With this provocation, debate has resumed over the future of the monarchy in the United Kingdom. In fact, several voices of protest have arisen since the release of the Guardian investigation, which has revealed how Queen Elizabeth has influenced governments in drafting more than a thousand laws in recent decades. And an editorial by Polly Toynbee, in a liberal newspaper, recalled how calls are rising in the country in favor of the end of the monarchy and precisely whether the royal family should still be part of the country’s future or the queen, today 94 years old, she is not remembered as the last emperor of Windsor and the history of Great Britain.

“Queen’s consent”

Documents disclosed by the Guardian mention a measure called “Queen’s consent” that was allegedly used by the Crown in a number of situations in recent years, as well as to prevent the Crown’s personal interests from being affected; And amidst the many requests and pressures made there, it will also be related to a law on transparency of the company’s shareholding. A design that would have exposed the private ancestral amount of Elizabeth, protected by Buckingham Palace.

Sovereign wealth

Toynbee pointed out that this type of action is quite useless, although not knowing the exact figure, “everyone knows that the queen has astronomical assets beyond all imagination” and that “nothing more or less certainly distinguishes” “. But the reasons for the embarrassment are many more and mainly concern the public image of the family: from issues ranging from Harry and Meghan to Brexit, from tax havens to family “weddings” made up of dream marriages and princess lives. The social network continued to spread. It is no coincidence, therefore, that television series such as “The Crown” and “The Queen”, which are able to tell it all, have received significant backlash from the public.

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An institution in decline

Also, a few weeks ago, Christopher Lee, a former correspondent of the BBC’s Royal Family, let slip that Prince William and Kate’s eldest son, George, was the third to inherit the throne, should he never become king. Lee argues that popularity. The British monarchy is largely due to Elizabeth herself, her longevity and her mystery air. The arrival of Prince Charles, who was little loved, could grace the coup, increasing the popularity of an institution already overshadowed, which, after all the latest revelations, was, for all intents and purposes, a true The person may struggle to get out, a true political storm.

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