Elizabeth Moreno on the Moroccan Sahara: “The autonomy plan is the most concrete, the most serious and most applicable”

By Mohd Chakir Alaoui and Brahim Mousaid 05/25/2022 at 8:33 pm.

Elisabeth Moreno, candidate of the French presidential party LREM for the 9th constituency of French people living abroad, returned to the Sahara and the autonomy plan in Morocco-French relations, the two “friendly” countries.

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Emmanuel Macron’s French presidential candidate LREM for the 9th Electorate of French Abroad, LREM, affirmed Moroccan Sahara, saying that “the Moroccan Autonomy Plan is the most concrete plan, the most serious and most seriously implemented.” “.

Former Minister and 9 by Le360. The current candidate of theAnd For the French legislative elections in the following June constituency, Elisabeth Moreno announced of Sahara that she had “a very strong conviction on this issue”, namely that the Moroccan autonomy plan is “the most serious plan, the most concrete and at present. The most applicable is “state of things”.

She recalled that “France has always supported this plan and I believe it is the best thing”. And to emphasize that “it is necessary to have a clear and open dialogue on this question”.

Responding to a question on the unreasonable restrictions imposed by Jean Castex’s government against the Moroccan middle class and the difficulties of granting visas, the LREM candidate, a close friend of the French head of state, said it was understandable “those who feel humiliated”. “.

And to add that if she gains the confidence of the voters, she will propose the setting up of a parliamentary commission to investigate what is wrong with the visa question.

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The LREM candidate called for the start of talks between France and Morocco on the issue, as the two countries are “friends”. “We have a very long history. One and a half million Moroccans live in France and 54,000 French people live in Morocco”, she said, before estimating that “there is no room for us to be angry”.

“These questions, we will raise them, we will discuss and we will see what works and what does not work. I believe we will move forward,” concluded Elizabeth Moreno.

By Mohammad Chakir Alaoui and Brahim Mousaid

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