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Is Buckingham Palace really going to be a museum, a picnic spot, or some kind of amusement park? In any case, Queen Elizabeth II of England has certainly turned her back on this historic building. Apparently, Sovereign now prefers to stay at Windsor Palace. A decision that nevertheless spoils some teeth already! Objeko therefore explains the reasons In Negative reactions.

Elizabeth Second from England : Un love a lot Mixed ForR Buckingham Palace! A marked preference for second home

Saw a very first appearance

Since Prince Philip’s funeral, his wife, Queen Elizabeth II was very considerate. Nevertheless, the sovereign is Reappeared in recent times for very formal reasons. The mother Prince Charles made the appointments video conference Very impatient for the ambassadors to be able to exchange with him from Windsor. However, this return to business is also an occasion for some controversy. Indeed, Elizabeth II would not be very happy at the thought of returning to Buckingham Palace. However, this place is in fact the official residence of the members of the royal family, and in particular the sovereignty. She would like Windsor Castle, which would be better for her.

However, the British did not quite agree with this decision. Since Buckingham Palace is a very special place heart. According to the famous biographer of Rajshahi Andrew MortonSome projects are already under study regarding the palace. “Buckingham should transform into a cultural center in the form of a museum, concert hall and ballroom as well as a garden that can accommodate lights and sounds and picnics”. An idea that seems far from forming a genuine consensus. Objeko explains why.

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A true tradition

Your excellency Queen Thus all and all have lived in Buckingham Palace for ten years. Before Windsor Castle was prioritized, away from the city and surrounded by the bacolic countryside. Elizabeth II has never hidden her taste for nature and life outside. A property on which she would like to drive her vehicle and would probably have a less formal existence. Of course, Prince Philip’s widow regularly returns to Buckingham Palace, especially for country-wide events. Thus the British could find him on the window of a building famous for its very remarkable appearance. Still, she does not like this place! in spite of It is officially his main residence.

Do you even know if that is possible Your excellency Present in the walls? Indeed, when Queen Elizabeth II is at Buckingham Palace, the standard Royal Floats on top of the building. When it is absent, the flag of the Union Jack, United Kingdom, is placed on the floor of the palace. The official residence of the British rulers, Buckingham Palace is also a major tourist attraction and a place of worship for many. A building in which the Queen’s apartments are situated, though neglected for a very long time.

Return of the king

Windsor Castle, on the other hand, has always been considered a weekend abode. Queen Elizabeth II. It is also the largest populated palace in the world. Thus its surface area would represent the equivalent of more than 260 tennis courts. Located 30 minutes from Buckingham Palace, it is an impressive building surrounded by a green setting in which the game is very present. Hence a place that suits the sovereign’s needs in terms of wide open spaces. However, the British population, and especially the Londoners, had a great interest in the idea that the Queen May remain at Buckingham Palace. It remains to be seen whether his successor will return to tradition.

In fact, even though Queen Elizabeth II is still the ruling sovereign,Reminder His suit is in regular headlines. Some even think that she can abdicate while others say to the contrary that nothing can force her to renounce her throne.. Except of course for your own disappearance. As to who will be crowned, this is another debate. Logically, his son Charles should take over as some rumors claim that Prince William could become the king directly. As regards the main residence of the future sovereign, many observers would like to see him return to the grounds of the Palace BUCKINGHAMOfficial residence of the chiefs of Great Britain.

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