Elizabeth II “fascinated” by Marilyn Monroe: what they said to each other during their brief meeting

On October 29, 1956, around twenty film stars were presented to Queen Elizabeth II, including Marilyn Monroe, at the Royal Film Screening. The big screen star did not fail to captivate the sovereign by coming to London with Arthur Miller. An iconic encounter unveiled by peopleMay 5, 2022.

During her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II worked side by side with countless celebrities around the world. But one of their most important encounters is Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. During the summer of 1956, who had just married Arthur Miller, spent four months in the United Kingdom shooting the film prince and dancer, and as reported peopleOn May 5, 2022, his purpose on British soil is clear: She wants to meet the sovereign. The moment the two women finally meet face to face, the book describes, When Marilyn met the Queen, by Michelle Morgan. And according to the author, as the media reported, Marilyn Monroe’s infatuation with the Queen continued to grow during her stay just six kilometers from Windsor Castle. ,His dream was to have tea at Buckingham Palace, And campaigner Alan Arnold found the request on his to-do list”She wrote.

Although he never drank tea with Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe had the chance to meet her at the end of her journey on October 29, 1956, A showdown at the top, as she was invited to attend a Royal Command performance at the Empire Theater in Leicester Square in London. “Sometimes the actress would look ahead, eagerly waiting for your turnBut as the queen got closer, Marilyn could be seen and then chatting enthusiastically with actor Victor Mature.”, Michelle Morgan reveals in her book. Later that evening, as she approached her waiting car, reporters asked Marilyn Monroe what she thought of the Queen. ,Queen is very hot. she radiates sweetness,Marilyn Monroe said, according to the book When Marilyn met the Queen,

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What the Queen thought of the film star, a 1961 article in a British magazine detailing Her Majesty’s personal views. as reported peopleThe publication revealed that The Queen was infatuated with Marilyn and had seen each of her films., “I think Miss Monroe is a very nice person. But I feel sorry for her. She was so nervous during our meeting that she licked off all her lipstick.”Elizabeth II would have said.

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Elizabeth II is not finished with the actors. Will be aired on the channel on May 15 next ITV a show Officer Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and broadcast live from Windsor Castle. an extraordinary program Helen Mirren And Damien Lewis will be the stars of a great drama Taking back important moments of the sovereign’s reign. on the program, according to information published by Hollywood Reporter April 21, 2022: 1,300 extra, 500 horses…more Tom Cruise , A presence that raises questions. According to the media, if the role of the American actor is currently unknown, then he can represent America’s path to independence Vis-a-vis United Kingdom.

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