Elizabeth II admits “discomfort”, the United Kingdom is concerned

full box! Queen Elizabeth II was on the front page of all the British press this Friday, 3 June, of conservative dailies daily Telegraph And many times for newspapers daily mail And Sun, passing through the most generous Guardian And financial Timess. “The Radiant Queen Throws Her Party”, ” Incredible “, “A glorious day” : The media is full of praise for his rather dreary sovereign during his three performances on the first day of celebrations of his platinum jubilee (seventy years of reign). And newspapers also warmly welcome Londoners.

“Sincerely Believe”

But, beyond her smile displayed the day before, Elizabeth II’s decision not to attend the service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral in London this Friday has darkened the general mood. Buckingham Palace said in a statement that, despite “I greatly appreciated the parade and the visit to the Royal Air Force on his birthday, he felt a kind of restlessness”, Before specifying: “taking into account the travel and activity required to participate in the service”, the queen has decided “not to part with great reluctance”, A sign that his 96 years have not vanished as if despite the cheers fed by the crowd the day before the magic.

daily Mail apologized: “Oh, how will we miss him! »many timeshe tells himself “Worried” from this news and recall that its “Episodic dynamics issues, as Buckingham Palace calls them, can strike at any time. It is possible that after his appearance at the torchlight on Thursday evening, we will not see him again for the rest of the jubilee. » and the newspaper adds that “The Queen will be deeply disappointed not to visit St. Paul. She is a sincere believer and takes her role as Head of the Church of England very seriously. »Guardian Notes, for its part, that “The Queen has always hoped to participate” To “without being strongly committed to it”,

“don’t get too excited”

In mid-May, for the first time since his accession to the throne, the Queen assigned her son, Prince Charles, the task of opening a new session of Parliament. Then, she had to leave her place for the first time, on the occasion of two religious services, the Thursday before Easter, and the Royal Maundy, on Commonwealth Day.

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During these three events, Elizabeth II had to walk a long time in her vehicle to reach her destination, then stand for a long time. “The Queen is old, and it is normal for her to fluctuateThe author remembers Robert Jobson, So don’t get too excited if she is not present at all the events of Jubilee. , This royal family expert also speculated, several weeks ago, “Very unlikely” Because of his participation in the religious service of this Friday, June 3, its duration (one hour) and the planned procession.

It is therefore likely that the Queen will not reappear on her balcony at Buckingham Palace until Sunday. But any further involvement would inevitably appear as good news on the sovereign’s health, reassuring his most ardent fans within the kingdom.

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