Elite blame Britain’s ‘best and best’ visa scheme – Reuters

Madeleine Sumption, director of the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, which tracks immigration patterns, said the new policy was an innovative idea, but had drawbacks.

“How do you decide who the highly qualified people are? » She asked, adding that the current policy would accept anyone who had just transferred to Harvard, but not the top-performing students from a top Indian university.

It would be appropriate to introduce other candidate evaluation criteria, such as grades, but more difficult to implement, he said., “It is very convenient for the government to ascertain whether an institution is in the list or not,

The UK Home Office said the list was compiled from major world university ranking lists and that new international institutions could move up the ranks and join the list later.

While university rankings are widely criticized in many quarters, critics say they often fail to capture the quality of teaching and often place too much emphasis on research rather than teaching.

Phil Batty, who is responsible for developing the methodology of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, one of the rankings used by the UK government, said in a post on LinkedIn that “this is not what our minds Was in. When making the rankings. “

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