Elian Gonzalez from Cuba says he is a father

Gonzalez, 26, made an announcement on Father’s Day and said that his own father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who brought himself back from Cuba to the Cuba, was inspired when he was preparing to become a father for the first time.

Cuba's Elián González says he wants to reconcile with relatives in Miami

“I will begin to understand what it means to be a father soon,” Elian Gonzalez wrote on his Facebook page. “But what I know so far is my father and I hope to do as much as he does with me.”

In a message to CNN on Sunday, Gonzalez said they expect his fiancé to have a girl by the end of this summer.

On Thanksgiving in 1999, 5-year-old Gonzalez was found to be sticking to an inner tube off the Florida coast. His mother and nine others drowned after trying to reach the United States from Cuba after the rickety boat they traveled to.

Gonzalez went to live with relatives in Miami, who refused to return her father to Cuba. Juan Miguel Gonzalez said he was unaware of his ex-wife’s plan to take the child on a dangerous trip to the United States.

The lawsuit caused Cold War era tensions between the US and Cuba to detain the little boy in the US court of Gonzalez’s father and relatives from Miami. US immigration officials finally decided that Gonzalez should be returned to custody of his father, who came to the United States to defend his son’s return.

Alan Diaz, who photographed Elian Gonzalez, died at 71

Finally, armed US federal agents attacked his Miami home, where he stayed with his uncle to reunite Gonzalez with his father. The famous photo of a terrified Gonzalez, who looks after an armed US agent, won the Pulitzer Prize.

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The uprising began in the Cuban American communities in Miami, where many felt that Gonzalez’s return to Cuba would give Fidel Castro a victory in propaganda.

After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to participate, the father and son returned to Cuba.

Gonzalez grew up mostly from the spotlight in Cuba. In a rare interview in 2017, he told CNN that he admitted his father’s actions and was a strong supporter of the Cuban government. But he also said he hopes to compromise with relatives in Miami one day.

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