Eleonora Moiraghi: From La Scala to Science Po via BNF

If life were one long calm river, the meeting with Eleonora Moiraghi would take place behind the scenes of La Scala.

“Everything Predestined to Me the Artistic World”

“Everything predestined me to the artistic world”, explains he who now heads digital projects within the Sci Po library; “I learned the violin and piano at the age of three. But at the age of thirteen I gave up music for classical dance.

And it is at La Scala and the Carcano Theater that she will satisfy her passion by exposure to Russian teachers who are renowned for their extreme rigor in teaching. But classical dance imposes harsh and repetitive tests on young girls: “My body can no longer support these efforts…”.

Eleonora Moiraghi then joined a classic Milanese high school where the humanities were raised to their highest level: Latin, ancient Greek, literature, art history… a good portion of the Transalpine elite were trained in these very famous establishments in Italy reputation to do. And, as in La Scala, the workload is notably high.

“You have to work a lot outside school hours to keep up. Now I find that ancient Greek and Latin are very useful to me for learning foreign languages ​​and computer programming/coding.

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From Italian Excellence to French Excellence

New orientation along a route through the Brera Academy of Fine Arts that trains students in artistic research and creation in all its forms: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video, digital and art history. It was in the Palazzo Brera, built in 1572, that he discovered the almost infinite potential of the digital universe. She mainly devotes herself to photography. A choice that saw her leave her native Italy for Paris and the Center Pompidou where she arrived in January 2014.

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More precisely at the Cabinet de la Photographie where she is doing a two-month internship. Opportunity to work at the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition, learn French, meet her future husband there and achieve an almost perfect level of French today.

From Italian excellence to French excellence, there is only one step: Eleonora Moiraghi joined the National School of Charters and received a master’s degree in History, Heritage and Digital Technologies.

“I have great memories of the school: its reputation, the resources provided to the students, the quality of teaching, the proximity to the teachers, the possibility of visiting magnificent heritage sites… Living in Paris and benefiting from its cultural richness is my An opportunity for those who need intellectual stimulation”.

And too bad if the sky is less blue in Paris than in Italy…

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The Science Po: Communicating Businesses

After a hookup at the Warburg Institute in London, he took over the management of the National Library of France, where he worked as a research assistant on the Corpus Project for a year and a half. Its mission: To create a service proposal to provide digital corpora to researchers.

“In eighteen months, I learned the equivalent of five years’ work!”

From meeting to meeting, he learns that Science Po is looking for a profile that resembles him as two drops of water. In December 2018, she was recruited by the Rue Saint-Guillaume Library as Digital Project Manager. A position that looks like a conductor:

“I have to take into account the vision of researchers, scientific and technical information professionals and engineers. I have to ensure that all these professions communicate together…”. A retorno alli redici musical…

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