Electric car benefits from UK fuel shortage

Across the channel, the fuel crisis caused a real shock among users.

As the saying goes, the misfortune of some creates the happiness of others… This is the case in the United Kingdom where fuel supply issues are driving interest in electric cars. As scenes of chaos grow at gas stations across the country, dealerships are literally taken by storm.

« People are like ‘this is a sign we need to go power’‘” notes a dealer interviewed by The Guardian.

This sudden interest in electric cars is also visible on Google. According to the famous search engine, on 24 September, when fuel shortage became widespread across the country, there was a 1,600% increase in queries on electric vehicles.

The same phenomenon has been witnessed by Carwow, one of the leading UK car dealers. This Sunday, September 26, searches for electric vehicles on their website increased by 56%.

A report that caused panic

The crisis in Britain started after a report released by BP leaked last week. In a note, the oil group said some stations may be forced to close temporarily due to a shortage of truck drivers. The information caused panic in the stations. Coming in large numbers to refuel for fear of fuel shortages, users have put stress on the supply chain, leading to almost generalized shortages across the country. On the sidelines, some drivers have even beaten up.

While the situation should be regularized in the coming days, the British government indicated earlier in the week that it was ready to mobilize its forces to guarantee the delivery of fuel to the stations.

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