Elections in Great Britain: Sturgeon seeks orders from Scottish politicians

    Photo: dpa / Jane Barlow

Photo: dpa / Jane Barlow

Thursday will be the first major mood for the British since the general election in 2019.

Correspondent: Peter Nonnemacher (non)

LONDON – For the first time since the 2019 general election, in which Boris Johnson won, voters in England, Scotland and Wales were called for election this Thursday. Last May, during the disastrous first wave of Kovid, all local and regional elections in the UK were canceled. Elections that are now being rescheduled and those that are new make Ballot the largest in decades. Around 5000 city and county councils and seven regional mayors across England are to be reelected. In London, new elections are due for the largest municipality in Western Europe, the city assembly, and the mayor of London. The results of this first nationwide mood test have been eagerly awaited since the start of Brexit and the epidemic.

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